Media consumption in Hungary

Television channels, news portals, social media


Media consumption in Hungary

Republikon Intézet

The state of the Hungarian media was a fiercely debated topic in the past years. The media dominance of the party in government is often discussed, as well as the appropriation of the state media to spread political messages. We label every Hungarian medium as either government or opposition sided, and we create our own information bubbles according to this. However, into these bubbles only truths we personally accept can get through. In the Republikon Institute’s following analysis, the Hungarian society’s media consumption habits are going to be presented based on a large-N study. The ratings of some of the most popular TV channels, news portals and the two most prevalent social media platforms are going to be discussed. After which the question of how often these mediums is used to gain information is going to be analyzed. The purpose of this research is to provide insights to the readers on how the different demographic cleavages gain their information and through what kind of mediums. The demographic characteristics used in this research are for example age, sex, level of education and party preference.


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