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Not Refugee Crisis But Economic Issues to Determine the Next Hungarian Elections
Altough the number of refugees has been significantly reducing recently (mainly due to the winter wheather conditions), anti-immigrant campaign of the Hungarian goverment is still in full swing. In the early stage of the campaign (Summer 2015), it focused on economic concerns (“they’re taking our jobs”) and collecting signatures to reject EU quo...

Capitalism Can Be Different: Political Lessons from the Hungarian Uber-Protests
As it has happened in many countries before, Hungarian taxi drivers have had enough of Uber, and protested in the most busy junctions of Budapest for days. And although the conflict is more of an economic issue than a political one, the reactions of the Hungarian government and opposition parties are worth looking at closer.Originally published ...

Clinton, Fiorina and Feminism in US Presidential Campaign
Hillary Clinton and Carly Fiorina – the American presidential campaign is more and more dominated by two female candidates. Although each of them represents quite a different stance, both of them approach the women’s issues as a key element of their campaigns. "Carly Fiorina (16669797001)" by Gage Skidmore from Peoria, AZ, United States of Ameri...

Participation, Transparency, Action: Primary Election as Political Innovation
In Hungary the democratic opposition struggles with the lack of visibility, trust and the capacity to act. Those voters who left the governing Fidesz party do not join the opposition. In order to stimulate the latter, the Republikon Institute proposes to introduce primary elections. We believe that this instrument of narrowing the field of candi...

Speaking of Feminism(s) from the Perspective of Freedom
It’s not difficult to notice how short-tempered a discussion can get when arguing with people who claim to fight for the same ideals we do but who being, in fact, far from values and principles we believe in still claim to own the one and only “correct” way of bringing those ideals about. To me it’s the case with feminism and people who question...

According to Republikon Institute’s new survey there has been no significant changes in party preferences in August. The support of Fidesz is 30 percent, which is still a huge advantage to Jobbik’s 9 percent and to MSZP’s 8 percent. Amongst the party voters, the support of Fidesz increased from 51 to 52 percent while the second party, Jobbik de...

Fidesz increase its popularity while the Socialists continue to lose support in July 2017. Jobbik is now second with their highest support since the beginning of 2017. See the full results here.

Republikon Institute’s June Research
Both the Socialists and the smaller Democratic Coalition lose support in June 2017 as their infighting continue. Thus, for the first time in our polls, the green Politics Can be Different is now stronger than the Democratic Coalition. Fidesz increases its support; almost every other Hungarian is a Fidesz voter.     Details

Republikon Institute’s April Research
Fidesz loses while Jobbik and MSZP gain in the new opinion poll of Republikon Institute conducted at a period when anti-government protests took place in Budapest and other major cities. However Fidesz (47 percent) still has a huge advantage to MSZP's and Jobbik's 19 percent. See the full results HERE!  

Republikon Institute’s March Research
Socialists (MSZP) gain 2 percent in the new Republikon survey, while newly formed Momentum first enters our data with 2 percent. The gain of the Left can be attributed to the appearance of prime ministerial candidate László Botka. Fidesz still has a huge lead over all the other parties, while Jobbik is third after Fidesz and the Socialists. Ex-...

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Our colleagues

Horn Gábor

a Republikon Alapítvány kuratóriumi elnöke 

Horn Gábor oklevelét 1980-ban, a Marx Károly Közgazdaságtudományi Egyetemen (mai Corvinus Egyetem), közgazdász-tanári szakon szerezt...

Dániel Mikecz


Dániel Mikecz graduated as political scientist at the Eötvös Loránd University in Budapest. He writes his doctoral thesis on t...

Dr. Tóth Csaba

stratégiai igazgató 

Dr. Tóth Csaba, a Republikon Intézet egyik alapítója és stratégiai igazgatója politológus és szociológus diplomáját az ELTE Állam- é...


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