Gloomy Prospects

Expectations for 2023


Gloomy Prospects

Republikon Intézet

Summary of key results 

• Hungarian voters are generally pessimistic about their financial prospects in 2023. Nearly half of respondents expect their financial situation to worsen in 2023.

• At the start of of 2021, in the midst of the COVID-19 epidemic, the share of optimists was three times higher than that of pessimists (18% compared to 6%), but by 2023 the share of pessimists is five times higher than that of optimists, so the public opinion has completely turned negative.

• By 2023, the share of Fidesz voters who are optimistic has halved, with 16% expecting an improvement and 31% expecting a deterioration, making the share of pessimists twice as high as that of optimists.

• On the opposition side, optimistic respondents have effectively disappeared, with high levels of financial insecurity and bleakness discernible in their responses.

• The Fidesz government could face a serious challenge ahead of the 2024 municipal and European Parliamentary elections if undecided as well as Fidesz voters believe that the situation in Hungary is bleak, with no solution to be expected from Fidesz.


The complete analysis is available HERE.



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