Satisfaction with and confidence in public administration

National data, international comparison


Satisfaction with and confidence in public administration

Republikon Intézet

The analysis below examines citizens' satisfaction with the public administration, what improvements they would like to see and which areas they consider to be in need of comprehensive reform. For some questions, we looked at how Hungarian respondents felt about certain issues compared to citizens in other EU Member States.

- Respondents in Hungary were mainly negative about the Hungarian public administration, saying it is complex, cumbersome (according to 48%), and a third of respondents said it is not transparent and slow.

- Hungarian respondents were also dissatisfied with the performance of public administration compared to other EU countries because of its complexity and cumbersomeness.

- More than half of those surveyed think that less bureaucracy and more transparency in decision-making and spending of public money could increase trust in public administration.

- Relatively few respondents (23%) mentioned the need for increased local decision-making, although centralisation is a recurrent criticism of the Orbán governments.

- In terms of policy reforms, Hungarian respondents ranked health care as the most important area (74%), where institutions and public services need to be improved.

- The second policy area to be reformed, which also receives significantly more mentions than other areas, is education (65%).

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Methodology: The analysis was carried out using the April 2023 Eurobarometer survey. The sample size is 1000 respondents per country, which is representative of the population aged 15 and over living in each surveyed country, regardless of the nationality of the respondents. The selection of the sample was random, and the representativeness was determined by demographic and geographical weighting.