Coexistence of cultures

Experiences from Israel and the EU


Coexistence of cultures

Republikon Intézet

Republikon Institute along with the Israel Public Diplomacy Forum (IPD) are pleased to invite you to our internal roundtable discussion on Coexistence of cultures – Experiences from Israel and the EU.

Date: 15th November 2017
Venue: Magvető Cafe, 1074 Budapest, Dohány utca 13.

The panel discussion will focus on the coexistence of cultures, the exchange of Israeli and European experiences and the current state of integration of Muslims living in Western European countries. Although two years have passed since the outbreak of the refugee crisis, but the issue is still on the agenda. The debates on migration often driven by  prejudices, fears and, in some cases, by government propaganda. We would like to address the following questions at the event:

What role does the language, education or labor market structure play in the process of integration? Are immigration policies able to transform and keep pace with reality? What is the responsibility of politics in reducing cultural and religious conflicts?


10:00: Introductory remarks
• Csaba Tóth, ELF Board member, Director of Strategy at Republikon Institute, Hungary

10:10 Discussion with
• Márton Bisztrai, Anthropologist, Social worker at Menedék Hungarian Associations for Migrants
• Uriya Shavit, Associate professor in Islamic studies and Head of the Department of Arabic and Islamic Studies at Tel Aviv University
• Bianka Speidl, Senior Researcher at the Migration Research Institute
• Máté Szalai, Middle East Program Coordinator of Institute for Foreign Affairs and Trade, assistant professor at BCE
Moderated by Csaba Tóth, ELF Board member, Director of Strategy at Republikon Institute, Hungary

12:00: End of the event

Working language: English

Participation is free of charge but requires registration. You can register here:

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Hope you can join us!