The revival of liberalism in the V4 countries

Online conference, organized by Republikon and European Liberal Forum


The revival of liberalism in the V4 countries

Republikon Intézet

Conference organised by Republikon Institute and the European Liberal Forum. The main topic of the conference is the liberalism in the V4 project and the its future in the European Union

What are the liberal roots of the Visegrad project? Does the Group still have a political relevance in the European Union? What is the region’s relation to illiberalism? How can we fight against illiberal tendencies? In our conference we wish to answer these questions and identify what liberalism means to the Visegrad Group and vice versa. We also wish to discuss the group’s relation to illiberalism, if the V4 accelerates the illiberal tendencies or if the V4 countries should not deemed as the same case from this aspect at all. Our aim is to show a liberal, open and progressive Central European alternative to the illiberal tendencies, promote liberal values in the V4 countries and show that Visegrad Project has pro-European value as well. We wish to invite international experts from Poland, Slovakia and Hungary to discuss how we could create a more liberal Visegrad Group in a post-illiberal era.


17:00 Opening remarks
Csaba Tóth, Board Member, European Liberal Forum

17:15 The importance of Liberalism in Central Europe
/Roundtable-discusssion in English with Hungarian translation/

Blazej Lenkowski, President of the Board, Fundacja Liberte! (PL)
Šárka Prát, Executive Director, Institute for Politics and Society (CZ)
Andrea Virág, Director of Strategy, Republikon Institute (HU)
Viera Zuborova, Executive Director, Bratislava Policy Institute (SK)

Moderator: Dániel Mikecz, Republikon Institute

18:00 Q&A

The event will be streamed on the Republikon Facebook Page
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This event is organised by Republikon and the European Liberal Forum with the financial support of the European Parliament. Neither the European Parliament nor the European Liberal Forum are responsible for the content, or for any use that may be made of it.

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