Human rights during the second wave of the Pandemic

Online conference, organized by Republikon and European Liberal Forum


Human rights during the second wave of the Pandemic

Republikon Intézet

The COVID-19 pandemic already resulted in crucial economic and political changes globally. In the emergency situation extraordinary measures by governments could be necessary, nevertheless democratic institutions and minority rights should be respected.

Beyond the national level in the European Union the coronavirus could backslide integration as borders are closed, the movement of persons is restricted and distrust in international organizations might grow. Nevertheless, citizens in populist regimes are witnessing how the constricted public sphere and crooked governance leads to policy failures. Also, the need for international cooperation in challenging global risks might give a new momentum for the European integration.

In our conference we wish to introduce how central European countries coped with the first wave of the pandemic and what the governments want to do deal with the second wave. We also wish to discuss how European Union help to the region and the importance of local communities and municipal governments during the pandemic.


17:00   Welcome speech

Sarka Prat, Board Member, ELF

17:15   What happened in the first wave and what we should expect in the future

Nataša Briški, journalist, ind. media network Meta's list
Blazej Lenkowski, president, Fundacja Liberté!
Irena Joveva, MEP, Renew Europe
Sarka Prat, director, Institute for Politics and Society
István Szent-Iványi, former Hungarian Ambassador to Slovenia

Moderator: Dániel Mikecz, Republikon Institute

18:15   Q&A