Invitation: European Green Perspectives | 10 May


Invitation: European Green Perspectives | 10 May

Republikon Intézet

The Thousand Children Association in cooperation with the Republikon Institute are hosting an international conference on 10 May focusing on European green policies against the backdrop of the upcoming European Parliament elections. The event's main goal is twofold: first, it aims to focus on Europe's "green record" of the last five years – the biggest difficulties and achievements of the EU (with a particular focus on the Green Deal, and on the European green transition in general) in the field of environmental and related energy policies. Second, it wishes to examine how EU Member States have been coping with the challenges posed by the requirements of sustainability, emission reduction, etc. in an often adverse (COVID, post-COVID, wartime, inflation-stricken) economic environment. We would set the conference in an EP elections context by discussing how green policies appear in the election campaigns of the participating panellists' respective countries, how much they matter (if at all) to the voters, and whether green policies are going to be central to the European agenda in the next five years.

The conference will consist of two panels: one with four or five international analysts and experts, and one with Hungarian environmental NGOs, whose representatives would focus on European green policies', and the Hungarian government's green plans' effects in and on Hungary.

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Venue and date of the event:

• 10 May 2024, Friday, 10:00 CET
• Magvető Café, 13 Dohány utca, 1074 Budapest


10:00 – Opening remarks

• Gábor Horn, Chairman of the Board of Trustees of the Republikon Foundatio

10:10 – Presentation

• Márton Schlanger, Researcher, Republikon Institute

10:30 – International Panel

• Dóra Győrffy, economist, university professor
• Hodun Milosz, expert of Polish Projekt: Polska Association
• Filip Bajtos, fellow of Bratislava Policy Institute
• Frederika Klčová, Fellow at the Czech Institute for Politics and Society

Moderator: Zoltán Ranschburg, Chief Analyst, Republikon Institute

12:00 - Break

12:15 - National Panel

• Lili Aschenbrenner, activist of Fridays For Future
• Ada Ámon, Head of the Climate and Environment Department, Office of the Lord Mayor of the Municipality of Budapest
• Iván Bojár, leader of "10 Million Trees" initiative
• Péter Kaderják, economist, university lecturer, head of the BME Zero Carbon Centre
• Gergely Simon, Regional Chemical Expert of Greenpeace

Moderator: Dávid Király, fellow of Republikon Institute

Technical information:

• Working languages: English and Hungarian. Simultaneous translation will be provided for both sections.
• The event is free, please register here:
• Facebook event:

The conference is part of the project ECORES- Eco-Resilient Europe: The EU's Vision for a Sustainable and Equitable Future, funded by the European Union.

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Co-funded by the European Union. Views and opinions expressed are however those of the author(s) only and do not necessarily reflect those of the European Union. Neither the European Union nor the granting authority can be held responsible for them.