Karácsony vs. Vitézy

Analysis of the Republikon Institute


Karácsony vs. Vitézy

Republikon Intézet

The battle of the Lord Mayor candidates was finally decided by 41 votes. The latest analysis from Republikon looks at why this race could be so close and where the mayoral candidates' voter base is in the city.

Key findings of the analysis:

• The last-minute withdrawal of Alexandra Szentkirályi sharpened the already seemingly settled mayoral election, which Gergely Karácsony still managed to win by 41 votes after the recount.

• Although Szentkirályi's withdrawal almost helped Dávid Vitézy to victory, it was a huge loss of prestige for Fidesz to have to withdraw their first internal candidate in 26 years.

• Dávid Vitézy was backed by Fidesz voters, but many opposition voters also chose him, while Karácsony was less able to reach his own potential camp.

• Vitézy was stronger in the suburbs, and in districts with a higher number of cars per thousand inhabitants, so Fidesz successfully built the "car chaser" topos against Karácsony.

 The analysis is available via the link.

(Source of photos: Infostart; Népszava)