Who we are

Republikon Institute is a liberal think tank organisation based in Budapest, focusing on analysing Hungarian and international politics, formulating policy recommendations and initiating projects that contribute to a more open, democratic and free society. The goal of the Institute is to promote discussion and implementation of liberal ideas, approaches and policies.
What we believe
Republikon believes that Hungarian politics can take a turn to the better only if liberal ideas and opinions are formulated in the policy area and the public discourse. Although there is no significant liberal party as of this moment, liberal ideas and approaches can still enter public discourse through think tank institutions. This is exactly the role Republikon Institute has been playing: independent from any political party but committed to liberal values, Republikon has been endeavouring to shape policy thinking and public debate with its innovative approach to politics and policy. It is the mission of Republikon to articulate new ideas and to find ways of making the values of liberal democracy, human rights and tolerance more popular.
We seek cooperation of any form with any like-minded individuals or organisations in Hungary and abroad. We are happy to give a more detailed description of any or all our activities upon request and are open to all types of inquiries.

What we do
Research and publications
Through political analyses, quantitative research and extensive media studies, Republikon aims to influence the public debate by shedding light on the operations of the government and the different political parties. In the past, our institution has organised conferences on human rights and tolerance; analysed government policy making and voting record in Parliament, showed how the different changes in the institutional framework of Hungarian democracy help government power and demonstrated media bias in public news reporting.

Political analyses
Republikon Institute regularly publishes political analyses that aim at better understanding the political process. With original approaches, innovative methods and scrupulous research activities we are especially interested in tackling and often falsifying some of the clichés and stereotypes present in Hungarian political thought. Even if focusing on a specific issue, the political analyses of Republikon always attempt to draw more general conclusions about the Hungarian political system.
Policy analyses
We are constantly monitoring government policy with regards to healthcare, education, the economy, tolerance and human rights issues. Our weekly reports contain an authoritative summary of the week’s events while our regular policy papers provide more in-depth analyses of policy trends. We also put forward liberal solutions on these key issues. In 2011 we have launched a major program aimed at bringing talented young people to the policy process by organising future-oriented policy workshops throughout Hungary. Republikon maintains an internship program for university students in the fields of social sciences and economics. Our interns work for 4 months and have a chance to involve themselves in the area they are most interested in.

Conferences and workshops
Republikon Institute places great emphasis on organising events that give an opportunity for decision makers, academics and experts to interact and share ideas on various current political and policy issues. Our events covered as diverse topics as the future of free market solutions in Hungary, the situation of minority rights and the evaluation of the activities of the president of the Republic. We are proud to have hosted the only high level political debate of the 2010 parliamentary election campaign in Hungary. Tibor Navracsics (Fidesz), András Schiffer (LMP), Ildikó Lendvai (MSZP) and Lajos Bokros (MDF) debated on the question “Who should liberals vote for”.


Contact us:

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