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  • After the low point in April, Fidesz-KDNP has slightly strengthened

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  • There is a significant decrease in Fidesz-KDNP popularity in February

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Analyses and research

Analyses and research

Publication: The role of the state in contemporary market economies
From a liberal perspective, the approach to the state’s role in market economy has always been defined by the principle of ‘the less is more’. The market should be regulated by demand and supply, and free competition should control the prices to everybody’s benefit. In an ideal world the role of the state is limited to the provision of the rules...

Snapshot of the political landscape of Budapest - Party-preference and opposition expectations in the capital.
Budapest is a political citadel for the opposition parties. Any electoral map from the last decade will reveal the hole in the middle of the orange landscape - the capital. On one hand, Budapest is becoming more "oppositional", if we consider that since 2019 the city has had an opposition mayor and a majority in the city assembly, and in the 202...

How to govern a state? - Ideal governance according to Hungarian voters
Determining political party preferences of voters is a relatively straightforward process. The majority of voters know which party they would vote for, and they often declare their opinion in public opinion polls and interviews. However, if our main question is not which party would be ideal for governance according to Hungarians, but rather whi...

What shall I call you? - Paralell Liberalisms in Hungary
Just 10 years ago, in 2013, the Republikon Institute published its analysis "Parallel Liberalisms: who are the liberal voters in Hungary?", in which it divided Hungarian liberals into three main groups: human rights, capitalist and self-proclaimed liberals. Much has changed in Hungarian public life in the last 10 years, which has also affected t...

There is still more to learn
Education has been one of the most decisive topics of the Hungarian public life since the change of regime in 1989. Sadly, mostly in a negative way. It is especially true for the last two years, because of the longest wave of education protests, which included numerous teachers’ strikes. The reason behind these demonstrations isn’t just the low ...

After the low point in April, Fidesz-KDNP has slightly strengthened
"After the amnesty case and Péter Magyar's burst into the scene, Fidesz-KDNP's support was at a low point not seen for years at the end of March. A couple of weeks later, they achieved an increase within the margin of error: among the total population, the government party's voter base increased by 2 percentage points (27%), and among party vote...

There is a significant decrease in Fidesz-KDNP popularity in February
"The scandal of the pardon has damaged the popularity of Fidesz-KDNP even more than expected, more than 325,000 voters leaving Orbán's party in a month. The opposition, however, could not benefit from this crisis either, only Momentum gained minimally compared to the January survey" - Telex reported on the latest party preference survey by the R...

There are more opposition voters, but Fidesz continues to lead the polls
"The Two-tailed Dog Party has overtaken Momentum, Fidesz's popularity has continued to decline marginally, but the opposition still cannot come close to the governing parties with less than five months to go before the European Parliament and local elections," Telex reported on the latest research by the Republican Institute.  Key findings of th...

Our social media - Our news consumption habits and their impact on the 2024 election campaigns
Based on Eurobarometer and Ipsos surveys, as well as Facebook's public advertising database, our analysis examined where Hungarian voters primarily get their information, which news sources they consider the most trustworthy, and which political actors are expected to dominate the online space during the 2024 European Parliament and local govern...

Balance of party preferences 2023
More than a year has passed since Republikon relaunched its monthly party preference research in October 2022. Parliamentary elections are good polls in themselves, but they are rarely held, so in the interim period it is up to the research institutes to provide information on the balance of power among the parties. There will be a double electi...


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Gábor Horn

Chairman of the Board 

Gábor Horn graduated from Marx Károly University of Economical Science in 1980 (now: Corvinus Uni...

Andrea Virág

Director of Strategy 

Andrea Virág, Director of Strategy at Republikon Institue. She studied political science at Eötvö...

Zoltán Ranschburg

Senior analyst 

Zoltán Ranschburg is a public policy expert and senior analyst at the Republikon Institute.He gra...

Márton Schlanger


Márton Schlanger is a researcher at the Republikon Institute. He graduated in 2019 from the Facul...

Dávid Király

Head of the Budapest Workshop 

Dávid Király is a communications expert, urban policy expert and as head of the Budapest Workshop...

Csaba Fűzfa

Policy expert of the Institute's Budapest Workshop, responsible for online communication 

Csaba Fűzfa is a policy expert at Republikon's Budapest Workshop and is responsible for the Insti...

Ágnes Rét

Programme Coordinator 

Ágnes Rét is Programme Coordinator at the Republic Institute. She joined the Institute on 1 March...

Katalin Kápolnai

International tenders and press relations officer 

Katalin Kápolnai is a PR communications specialist and has been responsible for managing internat...

Dániel Mikecz

Academic Adviser 

Dániel Mikecz is an external scientific advisor to the Institute. He holds a degree in Po...


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